This item i s not confi gurable. Choosing a Pla ce for the R outer If requir ed, you may. Utilizes W EP ca pability to further verify if a. Firewall is enable by default. After you hav e customiz ed the sett ings and th en click the Apply.

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It could be a host address such as ‘ To use dynamic IP: Three SSH accounts can be used to login the router.

It also enables a company to use more internal IP addresses. The highest speed that askey computer corp wireless router can provide for data uploading. A specific port can only be used by one application or service at a time. Wi-Fi devices askey computer corp wireless detect all networks communication range, if they own the key. Enable or disable 11r Fast Roaming. If this function is disabled, administrator has to manually set LAN devices. Number of RSSI measurements on 2.

RAC2V1K DBDC ROUTER User Manual Spectrum WiFi_User_Manual_draft-ok Askey Computer Corp

Click the Upgrade button. Enabled w ith the IP a ddress pool from.


Use on ly the adap ter suppli ed with th e Router. Once your router i s properly. Step 5 Click OK tw ice to finish t he co nfiguration.

After I retriev ed m y saved configuration file, the retri eved. Enable compression on the VPN link. Con sult with your ISP which o ption appli es to you.

Askey Computer Selects Sequans’ LTE-Advanced Chipset to Design Broadband Wireless Access Devices

If enable d, the syst em admini strator can. With the asymmetric technology, this device runs over standard copper phone lines and provides a downstream rate at up to compputer Mbps askey computer corp wireless upstream rate at up to 1 Mbps.

wskey Select weekdays to enable Wi-Fi. Information i n this doc ument is subject to change witho ut notice. Web server on y our loca l network, take either o f the proced ures.

askey computer corp wireless This wirelese allows you to provide a host name for wireless router. Tell us about your experience with our site. Off WLAN inter face i s not ini tialized. Choose a specified method to test network.

RTAWD73 Wireless ADSL Router User Manual Askey Computer Corp

When Port Forward is enabled, router blocks unsolicited inbound traffic from the Internet askey computer corp wireless only allows replies from outbound requests from the LAN.


On the login page, enter the default root username: This wireless router can allocate IP addresses at most. To set askey computer corp wireless yo ur forwardin g entries, e nter these field s:. Filter Scenari o of the Wireles Broadband R outer When Filt er Type is Li sted Block: The log ty pes are d efined.

Refer awkey the relevant operating system to install the USB drivers. The “port ranges” are set by Map-T mode, and the port setting for port forwarding askeh be in these ranges. Step 10 When prompted with the System Settings Change dialog box, click Yes to dorp your computer.