When I take it I feel so romantic and am ready to go overseas. Like all recording units in this model, the dictaphone works via the integrated Mp3 coder, and it could become professional thanks to a wide range of recording parameters. Iriver quality sound and ease of controls makes this ideal for me. Besides, sound is much distorted in case of files of the v. A battery for mAh should suffice for hrs. But I had to wait since it took take time to bring the projects into life, and the undertaking not to disclose the data imposed certain obligations.

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Iriver iFPT Manuals

I hope new firmware versions will let us use Ogg Vorbis or MP3Pro formats which are so popular 38t0 days. When a song is played, 3800t tag is displayed in the running line the newer tag versions are preferable. The hold contains fuel – iriver ifp 380t AA battery. Iriver ifp 380t the moment of testing iRiver made a new firmware version available at their site. The manager and the player will then warn you that you shouldn’t handle the player until it completes the procedure.

But iRivers technical specialists promise, that new iFP will be available soon. You can use them most comfortably only in the city since you will need a computer to rewrite the riiver contents and because iriver ifp 380t memory cards are not supported. Press and hold the iriver ifp 380t to get to the settings menu. Iriver delivers on sound, quality and customer ease through its navigation.


Also, you can add a small tag with the station name 6 symbols only. I think iRiver should reconsider the conception of the dictaphone in this model. 380y was iriver ifp 380t interested in products of this young but rapidly developing company.

iRiver iFP-380T Silver/Blue (128MB) Digital Media Player

My lithium battery is slowly going, so I needed another to replace. On the other hand, it’s even better since a user has more time to finish all operations.

Beside transferring files you can format its memory, iriver ifp 380t the list of FM stations, encode files of the dictaphone and update the firmware ifl. There are a lot of different views about it. It’s very easy to navigate it. Now let’s see what the player has more to offer. The player’s dimensions are mostly on account of the AA battery used there.

On the stern we also have a neck strip eye and two line-in and headphones-out connectors. However, I don’t care much about WMA files. Iriver ifp 380t purchased the T online for a steal of a price.

iriver iFP-380T 128MB MP3 Player overview

But if you, for example, carry files only from home to work and back, the player can be easily used as a flash drive. The receiver supports auto searching with recording all stations found to the memory, the list of stations can be manually edited in the player or with the manager on the PC. Iriver ifp 380t record quality entirely depends on the source, and if iriver ifp 380t source is very good, the quality will hardly differ from the original.


Unfortunately, it’s possible iriver ifp 380t handle the player’s memory only via its own manager. At the time I wasn’t really into MP3’s and didn’t actually open it until And when you will update iFP-player, you will use your iFP without any drivers.

It can be enough to get to the work and maybe back.

The Iriver has one ability that no other mp3 does – line in mp3 recording. Frequency response 40 Hz to 15 kHzdB: The iriveer rate of 48 kHz is not supported for WMA files, and the player iriver ifp 380t omits such tracks.

iRiver iFPT Silver/Blue (MB) Digital Media Player | eBay

Actually, the buttons carry out auxiliary functions. Well, iRiver’s players always worked perfectly with Mp3 files. Tags in WMA files are fully supported.