It’s not retroactive; there’s nothing it can do to magically get rid of clipping distortion once it’s happened. It lets you select input and output devices, it records audio to a file, and it can automatically stop when it hasn’t heard anything for a while. In addition, the Xitel INport Deluxe is an external analog-to-digital converter that connects your turntable or cassette player to your PC or notebook via a USB cable – and get this – it installs in minutes. More and more entry-level audio adapters are even sprouting multiple outputs for surround, and digital outputs and inputs. Xitel INport Review date:

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This isn’t much of a problem, though.

Xitel INport

Any dirt cheap sound card gives you high enough output quality for music listening, and these days they usually also support 3D positional audio and other frills. Xitel INport Deluxe overview. The little INport box weighs about 81 grams 2. INport Deluxe incorporates a totally. Review INport kindly provided by Xitel.

Xitel INport – Windows 10

Any Condition Any Condition. These two chips aren’t being fully utilised in a device that provides just one input and no outputs, but they’re not exactly million dollar components, so that’s OK. The INport connects to a record output from that device. This item doesn’t belong on this page.

Use an INport as your line in, and this problem won’t arise.


Stereo Jack Computer Speakers. See details for additional description. If you’ve got a turntable, of course, then you’ve probably got a pre-amplifier or integrated amp with phono input, which takes care of the pre-amplification and equalisation.

Recommend that you let Windows analyze – then run it in compatibility mode. Hooking up the INport to a PC is dead easy; connecting it to your stereo is almost as simple. You can use the INport as an input for any sound software you like, but LP Recorder is perfectly fine for the simple basic tasks that most people want to do.

Yes, you can get cheap USB sound gadgets from all kinds of places, and they’ll probably work OK – but Xitel’s hardware looks great, is genuinely technically superior to most of the generic beige plastic gear, and isn’t ludicrously expensive, when you consider what you get.

It ain’t Monster Cablebut to my mind that’s an advantage. At least some cable manufacturers have the decency to label their wire appropriately. It’d be good if there were a sound restoration package included as well, but I still like the INport a lot. Show More Show Less.

Anything with a line level output or headphone level, if you’ve got a ‘phone-to-RCA adapter lead should work fine with the INport, but you can’t connect it directly to a record player unless you’ve got one of the rare turntables with an integrated pre-amplifier. Likewise, if you want to do heavy-duty editing, you’ll citel one or another of the full-featured sound workshop packages out there.


Record From Vinyl, Tape, Stereo. Give Dan some money!

Xitel also sell a separate isolator box for use with other gear. The INport’s hardware seems to be perfectly happy delivering other sample rates, though; 48kHz worked when I tried it with other software. I use this product to save my music from cassettes and records. This is a big plus, and worth money.

Xitel INport Review date: Reviews 0 Write a review. Easy Installation Installing is as simple as plugging your INport into a free USB port on your computer, and all of the necessary drivers load automatically. The audio hardware built into many motherboards these days is fine, too. If you hear lots of computer-noise through your speakers, then it’s probably the speakers that’re picking up the RF noise of the computer, not the sound card. In addition, the Xitel INport Deluxe is an external analog-to-digital converter that connects your turntable or cassette player to your PC or notebook via a USB cable – and get this – it installs in minutes.

This is where the functionality of the INport package stops, though, which is somewhat disappointing.